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Amiran Capital
Beechnut Limited Partnership
Berkeley Land Co
Black Eyed Pea
Brien Wolf Corp
DNP Investments
Donya LLC
EE Properties
Evergreen Real Estate
Fuller Realty Partners
Gables Residential Trust
Gulf Coast Commercial
Hai Du Duong
Jameson Commercial Brokerage
Jermar Company
Kuans Inc
Marwood Texas Group
Pipeline Realty Ventures
Savage & Browning, LLC
SIMI Investments Co
Terramark Development
Unilev Property Management
Westco Property Management
Wulfe & Co.

10303 Club Creek

2019 Initial Value:$7,079,291
2019 Final Value:$5,667,157
Percent Reduced:-19.95%
Tax Savings:$38,604

Lakeside Village Shopping Center

2019 Initial Value:$9,984,511
2019 Final Value:$8,239,239
Percent Reduced:-17.48%
Tax Savings:$45,733

Sterling Ridge Village Center

2019 Initial Value:$25,771,970
2019 Final Value:$22,500,000
Percent Reduced:-12.70%
Tax Savings:$83,572

Baybrook Village

2019 Initial Value:$53,605,846
2019 Final Value:$47,670,932
Percent Reduced:-11.07%
Tax Savings:$186,663

Gulfgate Mall

2019 Initial Value:$72,175,947
2019 Final Value:$61,212,341
Percent Reduced:-15.19%
Tax Savings:$293,873

Four Corners - Lake Jackson

2019 Initial Value:$8,645,510
2019 Final Value:$6,760,500
Percent Reduced:-21.80%
Tax Savings:$46,015

10555 Pearland Parkway

2019 Initial Value:$6,187,560
2019 Final Value:$4,883,649
Percent Reduced:-21.07%
Tax Savings:$45,673

West Oaks Mall

2019 Initial Value:$20,667,786
2019 Final Value:$15,399,825
Percent Reduced:-25.49%
Tax Savings:$139,798

Client Testimonials – Retail

“Star Furniture has used the services of Rainbolt and Alexander for many years and I have always found them to be extremely knowledgeable , professional and responsive. I would be happy to recommend them to any company or person looking for high-quality property tax services.”

-Star Furniture

“Rainbolt & Alexander has been able to save my clients hundreds of thousands of dollars by protesting our property taxes. They are always very helpful with the institutional clients whom require tedious reporting!

-Wulfe & Co.

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