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Rainbolt & Alexander, Inc was formed to better serve property owners’ needs for experienced property tax consultants that can properly evaluate, support and argue the market value of taxable property.  R&A is well experienced in seeking out supporting documentation and developing a market analysis for each property, indicating a reasonable and credible valuation position.  This analysis process serves as the basis for our recommendation as to whether a property has been fairly assessed and is the foundation for a property tax appeal determination.Our firm was founded on the commitment to best serve the interest of our clients. We keep that commitment by limiting our property representation count to ensure each property is properly reviewed and analyzed to obtain the lowest property tax assessment possible.   Unique to our firm is the high degree of involvement our Senior Consultants serve throughout the property tax appeal and hearing process. The Senior Consultants are directly involved in client communication, analysis, the “target” value setting, appeal preparation, and the hearing process.  This philosophy has enabled R&A to consistently meet or exceed our clients’ expectations.

Good communication between the client and R&A is a valued requirement of the firm. This commitment ensures a “No Surprises” climate that contributes to a good long term relationship. Concerning our fees for services to clients, we are flexible. We realize that the arrangement must be competitive in the marketplace for the services rendered and must work for both parties. Therefore, we offer several fee options depending on the size and scope of the project.


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